Febrile Antigen Tests

Plasmatec Stained Bacterial Antigen suspensions are standardized, smooth suspensions of killed bacteria used to identify and quantitate antibodies in human sera following infection with certain Salmonellae, Rickettsiae, and Brucella pathogens.

Serological test are based on the principle that antibodies in serum, produced in response to exposure by bacterial antigens, will agglutinate bacterial suspensions which carry homologous antigens. The rapid slide test is recommended as a screening procedure to establish the presence or absence of the homologous antibody in the patient’s serum, whilst the tube test establishes antibody titre and verifies positive results found using the slide method.

The Salmonella antigens are stained to give clear readability without affecting sensitivity or antigenicity, the O (somatic) antigens are stained blue whilst the H (flagellar) antigens are stained red. The salmonella suspensions, used to investigate enteric infections and pyrexia, are suitable for rapid slide and standard Widal tests.

Proteus, OX2, OX19 and OXK stained suspensions are used in the detection of Rickettsial antibodies as these species appear to share a polysaccharide with certain Rickettsia species and therefore produce agglutinins identical to them.

Cat. No.ProductPack size
FA/002Salmonella typhi H antigen5ml
FA/004Salmonella H paratyphi A antigen5ml
FA/006Salmonella H paratyphi B antigen5ml
FA/008Salmonella H paratyphi C antigen5ml
FA/010Salmonella typhi O antigen5ml
FA/012Salmonella 0 paratyphi A antigen5ml
FA/014Salmonella 0 paratyphi B antigen5ml
FA/016Salmonella 0 paratyphi C antigen5ml
FA/018Brucella Abortus antigen5ml
FA/020Brucella melitensis antigen5ml
FA/022Proteus OX2 antigen5ml
FA/024Proteus OX19 antigen5ml
FA/026Proteus OXK antigen5ml
FA/030Positive polyvalent febrile control1ml
FA/032Negative febrile control1ml
FA/040Febrile antigen test kit containing 8x5ml antigens8x5ml
FA/042Febrile antigen test kit containing 8x5ml antigens8x5ml+controls